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Diversity & Inclusion aren't afterthoughts

Making them a priority means happier, stronger, more profitable teams and events. But diversity doesn’t happen accidentally, so where do we start? Your culture, outreach, and processes —intentional or not — all contribute to how potential candidates and customers see you.

The attraction and retention of talent, our innovation and problem-solving skills, and our community engagement all rely on participation from the widest range of people possible. Our businesses see increased productivity, sales revenue, employee loyalty, customer satisfaction, market share, profits, and customer bases when our teams are less homogenous than our competitors’.

We consult with organizations to build and sustain a foundation for diversity and inclusion, specializing in startups, conferences, and open source communities.


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1. Connect

We'll bring all the right people to the table to discuss your project and ideas to make it a success.

2. Design

We'll collaborate to create a completely customized, effective set of solutions to meet your goals.

3. Development

We'll work closely with you to make your plan a reality.

4. Iterate

We'll re-evaluate what we've learned, what has worked, and make changes as necessary.

3 Person Startups to 800 Employee Companies

Company Culture

Assess cultural health and company policies

  • Uncover what makes and keeps employees happy
  • Evaluate your benefits and perks for inclusivity
  • Examine how unconcious biases contribute to inequality in the workplace


Candidate sourcing, filtering, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes

  • Create rubrics to measure skill sets and levels
  • Effectively increase your pipeline
  • Custom-fit your interview process to candidates
  • Learn practical interviewing skills

Community Involvement

Foster goodwill in the community and industry as a whole

  • Participate in and support diverse communities 
  • Identify relevant groups and organizations
  • Be a better tech citizen
  • Backfill your hiring pipeline

Growth Planning

Envision an intentional, positive future 

  • Identify healthy team growth goals
  • Create a roadmap to success



The foremost experts on diversity & inclusion in the tech industry

Ashe Dryden is a programmer of over 15 years turned diversity advocate and consultant, White House fellow, a prolific writer, and speaker. She is the founder of AlterConf and co-founder of Fund Club.  Ashe is currently writing two books: The Diverse Team and The Inclusive Event. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Scientific American, Wired, NPR, and more.

Ashe, along with her staff, make up the Programming Diversity team.

The good news is it'll never
easier than it is today.
So let's get started.


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Support Diversity in Tech

95% of funding for my over 1500hrs community work per year - including this and other free online resources, AlterConf, and Fund Club - comes from donations.

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