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Business/Startup and Conference Consulting

I provide a wide range of consulting services.

Events & Speaking

I speak regularly at conferences, businesses, and other events around the world. See my current speaking schedule or get speaker information.

Please provide the following information when requesting me to speak:

  • Name of event
  • Link to event website
  • Link to code of conduct
  • Dates of event
  • Location of event
  • What would you like me to speak about?
  • How long is the talk slot?
    • Does this include Q&A? Do I have the ability to not take questions?
  • Size of the audience
  • Number of tracks
  • Type of talk (keynote, regular talk)
  • What do you cover for travel + accommodations?
  • Is there an honorarium?

Media Requests

I regularly speak with journalists, podcasters, bloggers, and other media outlets.

Sponsorship & Financial Support Information

My work is nearly 100% supported through donations and sponsorships. Your donation allows me to reach more people. Donate now.

All other requests

If you are contacting me to promote your conference, job ad, or product, please read this first.

If you are contacting me due to threats, abuse, or harassment I am receiving online, please read this first.