Call for Perspectives: Changing our Hiring Processes for Diversity

Recently I've been speaking a lot about how marginalized people in our communities face issues when they are trying to attend or speak at conferences as well as being a part of our communities, but haven't spent much time talking about the difficulties of finding a job. This is especially important when looking for an environment where we feel we are welcome and fit in.

My friend Emily and I were discussing the pitfalls of certain hiring approaches and what can be done to create more balance. I realized this would be an excellent opportunity to do another set of google hangouts with not only employers and hiring managers, but people who have gone through these processes as potential hires. My goal is to create a living document similar to the one I created for conference organizers, but this time for employers, hiring managers, and job seekers.

If you are interested in being involved in a google hangout and have experience in one of the following areas, I would love to talk to you.

Groups I want to talk to:

  • employers, hiring managers or others involved in the hiring process, especially if you have noticed the lack of diverse candidates and employees at your workplace, if you have intentionally changed your processes in a way to encourage more diverse applicants and hires, or if you've faced resistance in trying to make this process more equitable
  • job seeker/potential hire, especially if you are in a marginalized group (sex or gender, sexuality, race or ethnicity, country or region of origin, people who do not speak the dominant language of the region, people with disabilities, people with children (particularly mothers and single parents), people from a lower-middle or lower class background, people without CS or other related degrees, etc)

Please fill out the form below (if it doesn't load, try this link) if you'd like to help. 

The signup has been closed, but if you have something to, please feel free to email me with your thoughts.

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