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Why I Need Your Help

Much of my time over the past 4 months (and over the upcoming 4 months) has been dedicated to further access to programming and educational resources for people who wouldn't otherwise have it, so I've had less time to focus on paying work. I feel that the education and outreach work I'm doing right now has a greater impact and is more important to the community and the field as a whole. I'd like to continue to do this while I search for a company that wants to support this work financially on a long-term basis.

I've been honored to be asked to speak at a number of conferences, programming schools, and universities, but not all are able to cover my travel costs. This campaign will serve to cover travel expenses so I'm able to teach and advise the widest number of people possible through speaking, one-on-one conversations, and writing. This would also allow me to put together an educational resource site for businesses, conferences, educators, and individuals to learn more about the lack of diversity and what can be done to correct it.

Current speaking engagement planning includes trips to Berlin, Portland, New York City, Israel, Budapest, San Francisco, and others.

Programming Diversity

My name is Ashe Dryden; I've been a programmer for 12 years and over the past year have been educating the tech community and businesses about the lack of diversity in tech. I've been lucky enough to receive attention for the work that I do through podcastsblog postsspeaking, resource sharing on twitter, and my upcoming book.

Women, people of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, and other marginalized people understand that they have a lot to overcome when trying to get ahead. For that reason, I'm specifically focusing on educating the people that have the power to enact real change - the people who make hiring decisions, shape business cultures, promote the work of those in the community through conferences, and interact with the community on an every day basis.

The Impact

I focus my efforts educating people about how various under-represented groups are affected by subtle discrimination, bias, harassment, and lack of access. My aim is to make people more aware of these issues and to work to create an environment that gives equal access to people from all groups, backgrounds, lifestyles, and situations.

I've been thrilled to work with over 30 conferences, many businesses, and countless individuals to help remove bias, create opportunity, and begin down the long road toward greater equality. 

What Happens If You Get More Money?

This will allow me to fund travel into the new year as well as to pay for on-going expenses related to the resource site I will be creating.

Other Ways You Can Help

Make a micropayment weekly through gittip.

Even if you're unable to financially contribute to the campaign, I would be eternally grateful if you'd let your friends and company know about it. Every little bit helps. <3 

Support Diversity in Tech

95% of funding for my over 1500hrs community work per year - including this and other free online resources, AlterConf, and Fund Club - comes from donations.

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