Introducing AlterConf Sessions

AlterConf logoOver the past year I've been invited to speak at two events1 that really resonated with me. In these spaces we could move beyond diversity 101 topics and start to dig into the root of the issues marginalized people face in tech. We could critically analyze the culture around us in a space made for us. We could stand shoulder to shoulder with people who understood us, empathized with us, and valued us for who we are.

I left these events feeling hopeful and supported, something that is sadly rare in my line of work. I wanted to attend more events like this, to recreate that feeling of solidarity solidified.

It's taken nearly a year, but I'm happy to announce the AlterConf Sessions. These are hyper-local events happening in cities all over the US (to start), bringing together speakers and organizations from the immediate area to talk about diversity in tech & gaming.

Our first two events, happening this fall in Boston and NYC, are still accepting speaker applications (no experience needed and we pay speakers!), volunteers, and sponsors. Tickets are on sale for both and we look forward to seeing you.

[1] - An Evening of Talks with Double Union and Ashe Dryden and Model View Culture Launch Party. Thanks for the inspiration <3

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