New York Times & Slate: On Tinder's Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The New York Times logoAshe Dryden, a programmer and an advocate for workplace diversity, said that complaints like the one lobbied against Tinder are all too common in the technology industry and are indicative of a deeper, troubled culture.

“These incidents reflect what we see at every level — the continual dismissal of women’s competence, the overt sexualized atmosphere we see both online and off, the aggressive hyper-masculinity that is often rewarded and idolized by other men,” she said via email.

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Slate logoTech consultant Ashe Dryden told me a similar tale. “Upon telling [developers] that I'm happy to draw up a contract, I either don't hear from them again, or they get upset because I'm ‘trying to profit off it,’ ” she says. Dryden is usually happy to provide her input for a fee, but “I've turned down clients because I feel they're doing it more as a defense mechanism or to get a free pass from the community,” she says. “They don't actually care about increasing diversity or creating a safer, more inclusive space.”

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