The 101-Level Reader: Books to Help You Better Understand Your Biases and the Lived Experiences of People

Quite regularly I'm asked about books that would be good to read to learn more about topics I discuss regularly, including intersectionality, feminism, womanism, and social justice. Thanks to the help of twitter and my ever-growing GoodReads list, here is a list for you. Many of the books can easily fit into more than one category, so may appear under multiple headings.

The list is comprised of both 101-level and some more advanced books on these subjects. Much of this is from an American cultural perspective. I haven't personally read all of them, but most I haven't read are on my to read list. If I've missed something you think is fundamental, please let me know

There are quite a few other topics I'd like to cover here, but I am going to consider this post a living document. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to distill this information into a more easily consumable list.

Note: Most links are through Amazon Affiliates, the funds from which help me buy books for research :)

Gender, Sex, and General Feminism, Womanism


Race and Ethnicity

Sexuality and Orientation


Language Dominance

Class and Labor

The Intersection of Difference and Technology

Domestic, Sexual, and Systemic Societal Violence, Rape Culture

American Exceptionalism, American Revisionist History

Prison Industrial Complex

General Anti-Oppression and Social Justice

Additional Resources

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