The Diverse Team

The Diverse Team

Book Cover: The Diverse Team

I've been doing lots of interviews and hangouts and chats with people for my Diverse Hiring project. After the first couple interviews it was clear I was going to end up with a ton of content. Currently my notes sit at over 30 pages. I sat for a few days, thinking about how I'd trim things down to be digestable, but a couple people suggested I turn it into a book.

So I am.

It's called The Diverse Team: Healthy Companies, Progressive Practices and I am releasing it through LeanPub. If you're interested in the book, please sign up on the landing page and let me know. I start working on it this weekend!

Note: If you participated in any of the hangouts or interviews, you will be receiving a coupon for a free copy. Thanks for all of your help!

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